Johannes Deml

Hi, I’m Johannes. Game developer living in Hamburg, Germany. You may know me from Marbloid, Signals and Configurable Shaders. Nice to meet you!

With 5+ years experience in Unity, I specialize in realtime application development. I’m bringing mobile apps, AR/VR experiences and 3D websites to life. I’m always looking for interesting new projects I can help bring to life, let me hear about your next big thing!
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marbloid panorama


Marbloid is a 3D Tilt&Tap marble runner for iPhone and iPad. The game features a vide variety of styles and level segmetns that are put together in procedurally generated levels that create new challenges for every run. Marbloid was featured as “Game of the Day” in over 140 countries and has over 1.000 ratings with …


Lebensraum is an interactive artwork about overpopulation created with Unity for Sven Windszus. Visitors can use a physical pump to blow up human heads on screen. The more heads are pumped up, the more water flows from the top to the heads starting to drown them. Technology The heads are realized with a custom Nvidia …

HFBK Online Gallery

Online Gallery is an interactive 3D exhibition technology built for the web. It allows visitors to view scanned artworks by HFBK students in a digital space. The spaces can be intuitively explored with desktop computers and mobile devices. The built technology not only allows to present artworks, but also to create exhibitions and curate them …

Mortar Mortar

Mortar Mortar is a physics based repair game developed for the Global Game Jam 2020 in 48 hours. The goal of the game is to add building blocks to a tower without destroying it. The blocks are shot through a canon. You can define the direction and angle of the canon to try to destabilize …

like:me App


Like:me is an android application we realized as Supyrb as a contract work. It is for street workers working with young adults to learn about predjudices. The application consits of two games: like:jobs and like:people. like:jobs shows the value of different jobs and challenges the young adults to sort jobs by their interests. like:people has …

Tom Seiers Morning Ritual

Tom Seiers Morning Ritual is a 2D rhythmic skill game with a unique comic graphic style and a challenging game mechanic. I created the game along with two other devs at the Innogames Gamejam #9. The topic for the jam was “Strange rituals” and we wanted to create a game that focuses on the annoying …

Bug Lab Start screen

Bug Lab

Bug lab is a 3D platformer I worked on at the InnoGames gamjam #8 with three other devs. The topic of the jam was “buggy physics”. We took the topic pretty literal and decided to put a bug in a physics lab where it has to find its way out of the lab again. Our …

1:1 Gamejam game

A little gamejam project of students from the HAW Hamburg. It is a 3D Multiplayer game in which the players have to find one another in a world full of bots. The topic for the game was “Is there another player”. The game was made in one week with a team of 5 people. We …

7 Clicks Away

7 clicks away

7 Clicks away is a mobile multiplayer game in which the players compete in terms of reaction, speed and attention. The interaction with each other is in real time, and the game runs all the time, whether you are playing or not. I made this game all on my own and it builds up on …

Base Defense

Base Defense is a little prototype we made for a university course. The game is a crossover between tower defense and motherload.

Cows on cubes fighting each other

Bouncing Blocks

Bouncing Blocks is a game created with Michael Ion. The game was created for a univeristy course. It is a 3D local mulitplayer game. The game is written in c++. We used the following libraries: