Like:me is an android application we realized as Supyrb as a contract work. It is for street workers working with young adults to learn about predjudices. The application consits of two games: like:jobs and like:people. like:jobs shows the value of different jobs and challenges the young adults to sort jobs by their interests. like:people has a tinder-like swipe mechanic to decide which people look likeable to get background information for them afterwards. The application was realized with Unity with a small database pool in the background to have different challenges and people when playing a game again.

For the application we built our own animation tweening system, that is heavily based on LeanTween and Scriptable Objects. To generate performant blur for the images we went with pregenerated blurred images that can be autogenerated in the editor by triggering ImageMagick’s CI through a Scriptable Object. The project also has tools for showing the flow of the different screens and hotkeys to show all screens for easy editing. The app is only around 30MB in size, even though it has picutes of over 50 people. For building the app we used app bundles and optimized images to have pot values to keep everything as small as possible.

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  • Client
    • University of Bremen
  • Platform
    • Android
  • Technology
    • Unity
    • C#


  • Programming
    • Johannes Deml
  • Design
    • Andreas Gaschka

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