Marbloid is a 3D Tilt&Tap marble runner for iPhone and iPad. The game features a vide variety of styles and level segmetns that are put together in procedurally generated levels that create new challenges for every run. Marbloid was featured as “Game of the Day” in over 140 countries and has over 1.000 ratings with an average of 4.7 stars.

MARBLOID – Release Trailer

From a development perspective, the level generation and the custom shaders were the most interesting challenges. To create levels that are not too easy and not too hard for the player, the generation adapts on the current missions, has a tweakable difficulty curve over the run and also highly depends on the rank the player is in. There is also an interesting spacial problem, since the level branches throughout a run and generated level tree always needs enough space to grow while still ensuring that no segments overlap. All of that of course needs to be calculated in realtime on the fly to reat on the path the player chooses in the run. A lot of the developed shaders map the world position to the uv position to ensure seamless texture transistions between level segments. The complete post processing stack is custom as well to provide a fast depth of field effect and make sure the post processing is only as resource-intese as it needs to be.

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  • Client
    • Supyrb
  • Platform
    • iOS
  • Technology
    • Unity
    • Cinema 4D
    • C#
    • HLSL
    • Fastlane
    • Octane
    • Odin Inspector


  • Code & Design
    • Johannes Deml
  • Art & Design
    • Andreas Gaschka
  • Music
    • Donovan Hikaru
    • Eyeliner
  • Sound
    • Michael Fakesch
    • Nikolai von Sallwitz
  • Additional Art
    • Tobias Schneider
    • Fabian Utsch
  • Additional Code
    • Sven Freiberg

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