7 Clicks away is a mobile multiplayer game in which the players compete in terms of reaction, speed and attention. The interaction with each other is in real time, and the game runs all the time, whether you are playing or not. I made this game all on my own and it builds up on an idea I had half a year ago.

Link to the game on Google playstore

Official Page | Facebook page

Tutorial 7 clicks away

Even though billions of clicks have to be made to finish the game, only 7 clicks are necessary to win the game.

Game mechanic

The game consists of levels with sets of blocks. Everybody sees the same set of blocks in a level, and can click them away. The person who manages to click away the last block of a level, gets a point for this level. Afterwards a new set of blocks is generated. You can click as often as you want in level 0, but the click costs for every other level is a point from the level before. So when you want to make one click in level 1 you have to get one point from level 0. The person first making a point in the last level wins the game.


  • Project Type
    • University Project
  • Platform
    • Android
  • Technology
    • Unity
    • C#


  • Programming, Art, Game Design
    • Johannes Deml

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