Lebensraum is an interactive artwork about overpopulation created with Unity for Sven Windszus. Visitors can use a physical pump to blow up human heads on screen. The more heads are pumped up, the more water flows from the top to the heads starting to drown them.


The heads are realized with a custom Nvidia Flex build to realistically deform the heads. The custom build has lower garbage allocations to ensure a stable memory footprint when running for longer time periods.
The water was realized with a custom shader to get realistic reflections and refractions while maintaining the readability of the heads.


Visitors use a physical pump to push the heads out of the valve. The pump has an external built python program sending pressure data to the unity application controlling the pump speed.


  • Client
    • Sven Windszus
  • Platform
    • Desktop – Exhibition
  • Technology
    • Unity
    • Nvidia Flex
    • Deform
    • Alembics


  • Code
    • Johannes Deml
  • Art & Design
    • Sven Windszus

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