Blubber is a 2D platformer game developed with Game maker in my high school years. This project is the first larger game I released and by developing it I learnt how to code (mostly with drag & drop) and what it takes to develop a game.

Blubber features 33 levels with 4 boss battles, multiple cut scenes, an online high-score (now offline) and a lot of bonus items to find. All easter eggs including dying 1.000 times and finding the super secret level (which was really well hidden) were found to my surprise.

Even though I did all programming and graphics by myself, I’m very happy that Micheal Ion created all sounds and music for the game.

Blubber Promotion Song

Download Blubber

blubber1.02-win | blubber 1.02-mac | blubber0.14-win | blubber0.0.5-win


  • Client
    • Hobby Project
  • Platform
    • Windows
    • Mac
  • Technology
    • Game Maker


  • Programming, Art & Design
    • Johannes Deml
  • Sounds & Music
    • Michael Ion