A little gamejam project of students from the HAW Hamburg. It is a 3D Multiplayer game in which the players have to find one another in a world full of bots. The topic for the game was “Is there another player”. The game was made in one week with a team of 5 people. We had 2 graphics artists, 2 programmers and one game designer. I did all programming except of the bot AI (The one that is not mirroring your movement).

Windows 32 bit | Windows 64 bit | Github

We opened the project so everybody can take a look at the source code. The game was made with Unity3D as well as Photon for the multiplayer part. Feel free to use our code as you like 🙂


  • Game Jam
    • HAW Hamburg #2
  • Platform
    • Windows
  • Technology
    • Unity
    • C#


  • Programming
    • Johannes Deml
    • Christian Simon
  • Art
    • Tom Lenz
  • Game Design
    • Falco Gress

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