Wishlist for our systems

This is an ongoing wishlist for things that don’t feel right / I think should be changed or unified. Some of them are harder to achieve, some might just happen in our lifetime. This is not a complete list, but rather a

Get rid of daylight saving time

It is bad for our health and doesn’t help in any way. It just makes it harder to memorize all the different time zones. It’s time to get rid of this nonsense.

Usage of metric system everywhere

This is the cleanest system at our hands and is also widly adopted. I would like to see everyone use it.

Get the Gregorian calendar right

This one might be a bit harder to achieve. I would expect a decade to end at December 31st, xxx9, as well as I expect that the 21st Century started at the 1st of January 2000. Sadly this is currently not the case, since a Century takes 100 years (as it should be) and the time calculation starts in the year 1, everything is moved by one year. How stupid is that. And what about the beginning of the first Century BC? Does that start on January 1st 999? Is there a year 0 in our system? My proposal is to start time calculation in the year 0. This would result of having the same year number twice for once. I guess that might lead to a lot of problems in software systems, but I think we could pull it off!

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