I was at Subotron Progames yesterday, and Mike Rose held a talk about how you get the press to talk about your games. What he essentially said was: “If you want to get noticed, be everywhere, share everything, create content, talk with the press, be different”.

It was a good talk, I enjoyed it a lot, but it also brought up a question I’m asking myself for a long time now. Are we giving up on modesty? Is modesty obsolete in the era of the Internet, or even worse: Are you being punished when you try to be modest?

If you think about the perfect use for everybody of the Internet, you would probably not end up with a concept, that everybody tries to show off, and create as much content as possible in order to get recognized and admired by others. I end up with the idea, that everybody posts only interesting stuff, so only when the person really has to say something, they post it.  We would end up, with spending less time skimming through unnecessary information, thinking about how to represent ourselves on the Internet and could spend more time, actually creating something useful or reading interesting stuff.

Sadly, it is kind of logical that we ended up, where we are now. The more you are present or the more your game is present, the more likely it is, that it will get popular. And to make something viral, you have to create marketing content and mail many people and post stuff everywhere. Gladly, not only did we learn to filter information on the internet, but also many tools have been created to filter, what is interesting to us, and what isn’t. Still, modesty, what would create more harmony in a society, is lost, and the focus of showing off ourselves is getting more important now.

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  1. Deine Idee des perfekten Internets ist doch ein wenig utopisch. Auch wenn es nicht immer lustig ist sich durch einen sinnbefreiten Facebookfeed zu scrollen, gibt es sicher viele die Facebook, oder das Internet im Algemeinen, gerade wegen dieser Posts verwenden. Ein gutes Beispiel liefert hier die Boulevard-Presse. Zeitungen mit vielen großen bunten Bildern und einfach gehaltenen Texten, zu Themen die ich nicht mal in meinem Facebookfeed lesen wollen würde, haben teilweise fünf mal höhere Reichweiten als jene mit anspruchsvollen und ernsthaften Themen.

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